Blue Christmas - Wooden Heart
Catalogue Number : RCA Victor 447 - 0720
Year Release : 03rd November 1964
Side H2PW 5525 : Blue Christmas
Side L2PW 3681 : Wooden Heart
Brief History : Blue Christmas was recorded September 05th, 1957 at Radio Recorders Studio, Hollywood & Wooden Heart was recorded April 28th, 1960 at RCA Studios, Hollywood. This was only the second time to date that a Gold Standard Series release was not a reissue.

Front Cover : Picture Sleeve
Rear Cover : Picture Sleeve
Label : Black with dog on top 
Pressing Plant : Rockaway 
Matrix Number Side 1 : H2 - PW 5525 - 2S (Machine Stamped)
Matrix Number Side 2 : H2 - PW 3681 - 2S (Machine Stamped) 

*NOTE* By Popular Request From Sleeve "Elvis' Christmas Album". What you see regarding the Catalogue Number is correct. This was released before GSS 447 - 0643. Blue Christmas would be released again as a Gold Standard Series the following year but with a different song to Wooden Heart on the other side.