"That's All Right" - Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Catalogue Number : PP - 53310761
Year Release : USA 1978
Side F2WW-8040 : That's All Right
Side F2WW-8041 : Blue Moon Of Kentucky

Brief History : Bootleg of the original release.

Details : 1979 USA Bootleg Counterfeit 
Front Cover : Generic Sleeve.
Rear Cover : Generic Sleeve.
Label : Yellow 
Pressing Plant : Unknown
Matrix Number Side 1 : PP - 53310761 - A (Hand Etched)
Matrix Number Side 2 : PP - 53310761 - A (Hand Etched)
*NOTE* This counterfeit has red text printed on the yellow label. The original text is in brown. Also this is Elvis' first appearance on the Louisian Hayride. Label incorrectly dates this release December 1954, it is in fact October 16th 1954 according to the bootleg book "Jailhouse Rock". Hand etched into the trail of wax on Side B is "Wild DOG Lewis".