Album Title : Rockin' With Elvis New Years' Eve Pittsburgh, PA. DEC. 31, 1976
Catalogue Number : HNY - 7677 
Year Release : 1977

Side 1 : 2001 Theme - C.C. Rider - I Got A Woman - Amen - Big Boss Man - Love Me - Fairytale
Side 2 : Lord You Gave Me A Mountain - Jailhouse Rock - Presentation of Liberty Bell - Now or Never - My Way - Funny How The Time Slips Away - Auld Lang Syne - Introduction of Vernon and Lisa Presley - Blue Suede Shoes - Trying To Get To You
Side 3 : Polk Salad Annie - Intros. To Band - Early Morning Rain - What'd I Say - Johnny B. Goode - Ronnie Tutt Drum Solo - Jerry Scheff Solo - Sonny Brown Piano Solo - Love Letters - Hail Hail Rock And Roll -
Fever - Hurt
Side 4 : Hound Dog - Are You Lonesome Tonight - Reconsider Baby - Little Sister - Unchained Melody - Rags To Riches - Can't Help Falling In Love - Closing Vamp

Brief History : To an Elvis collector or vinyl Historian there is no need to introduce this album, an album that is one of the greatest ever released into the music world and one that is not an official release but a bootleg by the great Paul Dowling. A beautiful 2 LP set of the 1976 New Years Eve live performance in Pittsburgh. The front & rear cover beautifully done , but when you open the gatefold it is just as impressive. Another release of pure class that RCA missed out on.

More history on this great release from Paul Dowling himself :

"I’ll never forget when i was trying to figure out a cover layout for this. I think i had the four photos on each corner in a triangle at first. And then a square and finally i thought the circle looked best! The only thing i didn’t do on this lp were the liner notes that were done by Jim Ritz who was a writer for the show HAPPY DAYS. I did write the notes originally but after i saw Jim’s i loved them and just deleted mine! By the way this was our best selling LP! If there was such a thing as a gold record award for bootleg lps i think we should have gotten one!!!"

"One other thing. One of the most asked questions I get about this Lp is where did I get the tape from! The answer is that unfortunately I honestly don't know as I think 14 or more people sent me cassettes of the show. The name that comes up the most is "John Herman" but YES his tape was one of the ones I had but honestly I have no idea if the one used was his or Maybe Bob Heis' or.....!! Well I guess it doesn't matter now. Just thought I'd share this with you."

Details : 1977 Gatefold Release
Front Cover : 5 Photos of Elvis. Title mid centre. Catalogue number top right.
Rear Cover : Photo of Elvis. Song titles across top & bottom. 

Gatefold : 10 coloured photos of Elvis on stage with text in centre. 
Label : Red , White & Blue
Side 1 : Spirit of America Records top
Side 2 : Spirit of America Records top
Side 3 : Spirit of America Records top
Side 4 : Spirit of America Records top
Pressing Plant : Glendale, Ca
Matrix Number Side 1 : HNY- 7677 - SIDE #1 (Hand Etched)
Matrix Number Side 2 : HNY- 7677 - SIDE #2 (Hand Etched)
Matrix Number Side 3 : HNY- 7677 - SIDE #3 (Hand Etched) 
Matrix Number Side 4 : HNY- 7677 - SIDE #4 (Hand Etched)
*NOTE*Rear Cover bottom right text detailing the Producers of the project. What a mind blowing release of an album. Thank you Paul Dowling. Record1 has Side 1 with Side 4 on reverse & Record 2 has Side 2 with Side 3 on reverse.