Album Title : Rock 'n Roll Forever
Catalogue Number : DML1 - 0437
Year Release : 1981
Side A : One Night - Teddy Bear - Love Me Tender - Don't Be Cruel - I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
Side B : Jailhouse Rock - Heartbreak Hotel - Blue Suede Shoes - Hound Dog - All Shook Up
Brief History :
These recordings have been digitally remastered. This is not a companion album. This is the second and last of two single LP's that were released by the Candlelite Music Collection series that was not tied in to a box set.
It was sold as a single LP only. It was only sold through direct mail order and magazine ads! This LP was only available for a short time and then deleted. It contains 10 songs. The 10 songs also have a brief history about how Elvis recorded them on the back cover.

Details : 1981 Release

Front Cover : Photo of Elvis. Title across bottom. Catalogue number bottom right.

Rear Cover : Photo of Elvis. Title top right. Catalogue number bottom right. 

Label : Black dog near top. Flexible vinyl.

Side A : Special Products top of label.

Side B : Special Products top of label.

Pressing Plant : Indianapolis
Matrix Number Side A : dVL1 - 0437 - A1 A1 (Machine Stamped) S (Hand Etched)
Matrix Number Side B : dVL1 - 0437 - B1 A2 (Machine Stamped) K (Hand Etched)