Details : 1977 Reissue AFM1 - 0818
Front Cover : 6 Photos of Elvis. Title at top. Catalogue number top left.
Rear Cover : Map of American cities were Elvis performed. Catalogue number top right. Printed in U.S.A. bottom centre.
Label : Black dog near top. Flexible vinyl. 
Side A : RCA logo at top.
Side B : RCA logo at top.
Pressing Plant : Indianapolis
Matrix Number Side A : AFM1 (Hand Etched) - 0818 - A - 32 A (Machine Stamped) F (Hand Etched)

Matrix Number Side B : AFM1 - 0818 - B - 3S A3 (Machine Stamped) C (Hand Etched)

*NOTE* New catalogue number. Rear cover "RE" bottom left. A talking only album. This was an RCA commercial release reissued with a black label. No mention of "BOXCAR" anywhere.

Album Title : Having Fun With Elvis On Stage
Catalogue Number : AFM1 - 0818
Year Release : 1977
Side 1 : Talking album only

Side 2 : Talking album only

Brief History : Black label reissue with new catalogue number.