Album Title : Elvis
Catalogue Number : AFL1 - 1382 (e)
Year Release : 1977

Side 1 : Rip It Up - Love Me - When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again - Long Tall Sally - First In Line - Paralyzed
Side 2 : So Glad, You're Mine - Old Shep - Ready Teddy - Anyplace Is Paradise - How's The World Treating You - How Do You Think I Feel

Brief History :
Black Label Reissue with new catalogue number.

Details : 1977 Release. 
Front Cover : Elvis photo. Catalogue number top left. Victor top right above Stereo Effect Reprocessed From Monophonic.
Rear Cover : Text only. Catalogue number top right. Printed in U.S.A. bottom centre.
Label : Black with dog near top. 
Side A : RCA logo at top.
Side B : RCA logo at top. 
Pressing Plant : Indianapolis
Matrix Number Side A : AFL1 - 1382 A E (Hand Etched) 8S B2 (Machine Stamped)
Matrix Number Side B : AFL1 - 1382 B D (Hand Etched) 9 A5 (Machine Stamped)  
*NOTE* Reissue with new catalogue number. Front cover bottom left "RE". Rear cover "RE" bottom left. Number "2" bottom left from ©.