Love Me (EP) (Compact 33)
Catalogue Number : RCA Victor LPC - 123
Year Release : 16th December 1960
Side 1 : Love Me - Hound Dog
Side 2 : Don't Be Cruel - Jailhouse Rock
Brief History : This was due for release 16th December 1960 on Compact 33 but was withdrawn. No known record is known to exist, however there was a prototype cover found in 1992 by Paul Dowling of Worldwide Elvis whom I have had the pleasure to talking to. He had uncovered information in 1974 about this release. 

*Note* I have listed this non-released extended play due mainly to the historic fact that they were to be released & that fans who have an interest in historic stuff. These RCA listing sheets shows the intended release & withdrawn dates. Permission use kindly given by Keith Flynn from