Elvis' Golden Records (EP)
Catalogue Number : RCA Victor EPA - 5011
Year Release : 14th May 1958
Side 1 : Don't Be Cruel - I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
Side 2 : Hound Dog - Love Me Tender
Brief History : This was one of 3 "Elvis' Golden Records" extended plays due for release but were pulled just before for one reason or another. They were to be issued on the "Gold Standard Series" label. No known record , cover , or cover art is known to exist.

*Note* I have listed this non released extended play due mainly to the historic fact that they were to be released & that fans who have an interest in historic stuff. This RCA Gold Standard series unschelduled sheet shows the intended release. Permission use kindly given by Keith Flynn from http://www.keithflynn.com